Biscuits for Change

We are thankful for you stopping by to find out more information about Teen Challenge New England and New Jersey, and hopefully to buy some of our tasty biscuits. We are sure you will enjoy these sweet and savory biscuits that are locally made with fresh ingredients while at the same time you are helping us to change lives—one bag at a time! We have Italian Lemon Biscuits which are soft, moist, and lemon flavored with rainbow sprinkled icing, Italian Pepper Biscuits with the perfect blend of pepper, and Sabatina's Sweet Biscuits uniquely baked to be crispy on the outside with a burst of flavor on the inside. All go along perfectly with our Tea Challenge: English breakfast, green, or peach apricot as well as with one of our gourmet, organic, and fair trade coffee products available in ground, whole bean, dark roast, decaf, and k-cup. As you enjoy our products, please be sure to lift up a prayer for our residents who are working diligently to overcome addiction. Thank you!